As of September 1, 2021, there is 1 updated historian's letter and 2 forms to download, read, and use. The letters and forms are highlighted in yellow and hyperlinked below. We suggest you save the letters and forms to your desktop where they may be easily located.

For any questions, please email Lee Bennett at

To start your Mayflower application process, right-click each letter/form and save target as...

1) Historian's Letter   - updated 9/1/21

2) Documentation Letter

3) Preliminary Application form updated 1/16/22

 4) Proposed Line of Descent Form 


When ready, mail  1) your application fee, 2) a printed copy of the preliminary application form, 3) a printed copy of your line of descent form, and 4) copies of documents (birth, death, and marriage certificates) for the first three generations (you, your parents, and your grandparents in the line) as well as ALL other documentation you have for your line.

After your documents and check have been received, Mr. Bennett will then forward your proposed line and the documentation requested to our State Historian, Char Tavarozzi.

If further primary documentation is needed, you will be so advised and you will need to provide additional documents that support claims of birth, death, and/or marriage.  This is the time when you will personally research any gaps remaining on your application. Please note that your membership will be conferred after approval by both the Michigan State Historian and by the Historian General of the General Society of Mayflower Descendants.

Note: If you are a member and wish to file a Supplemental application, or (2) a relative of a Mayflower member, and wish to make application, you will need to provide your proposed line and copies of whatever documentation Plymouth does not already have with respect to your line.


Who is eligible to join? Any person able to document his/her descent from one or more of the following Mayflower passengers is eligible to apply for membership in the Mayflower Society:
Men on the Mayflower
John Alden
Isaac Allerton
John Billington
William Bradford
William Brewster
Peter Browne
James Chilton
Francis Cooke
Edward Doty
Francis Eaton
Moses Fletcher
Edward Fuller
Samuel Fuller
Stephen Hopkins
John Howland
William Mullins
Degory Priest

Thomas Rogers

Henry Samson
George Soule
Myles Standish
John Tilley
Richard Warren
William White
Edward Winslow

              Women on the Mayflower

Mrs. Mary (Norris) Allerton

Mrs. Elinor Billington

Mrs. Mary Brewster

Mrs. James Chilton



 Mrs. Sarah Eaton

Mrs. Edward Fuller

Mrs. Elizabeth (Fisher) Hopkins

Mrs. Alice Mullins [not proved to be Priscilla's mother]

Joan (Hurst) Tilley
 Mrs. Susanna White Winslow



Children on the Mayflower who left descendants

Bartholomew Allerton

Remember Allerton

Mary Allerton

Francis Billington

Love Brewster

Mary Chilton

John Cooke

Samuel Eaton

Samuel Fuller

Constance Hopkins

Giles Hopkins

Richard More

Priscilla Mullins

Joseph Rogers

Elizabeth Tilley

Peregrine White

Resolved White


Membership Dues Schedule

Annual membership is $52. Annual Dues Notices are mailed every August and are due by October 31.  A $10 late fee will be assessed for all late payments.

Newly elected members have already paid their first year's dues with their application fees, and it is applied to the year following the year they are elected.

REINSTATEMENTS: Inactive members may reinstate their membership by paying the current dues, $52, PLUS a $10 reinstatement fee.  Members who reinstate January through June will be billed in August for the coming year.  Members who reinstate July through December will have their dues applied to the coming year.

Please make your dues check payable to Society of Mayflower Descendants in Michigan (SMDM) and send it to the treasurer, Thora Goodnight, 1389 Oakwood Terrace, Midland, MI 48640-9547. If you need to contact Thora Goodnight by email, please click her name: Thora Goodnight



Life membership is also available to all members. 


bulletRight-click HERE for the NEW Life Membership form of January 1, 2021.